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LG Institutes Union Parishad Functions

Union Parishad Functions

  1. Preparation of a comprehensive Union Plan and inclusion of inter-ward development projects after identification and prioritization.

  2. Assist and cooperate for the development of primary schools, supervise their functioning and motivate people for spreading literacy.

  3. Ensure provision of health services at the Union Health Centres, supervise family planning related activities and services and monitor the same. Arrange for supply of safe drinking water and promote sanitation programme.

  4. Construction of inter-ward roads, maintenance of the same, management of small scale irrigation and water resources.

  5. Implementation of afforestation programme along the Union Parishad roads and all earthen embankments.

  6. Peaceful resolution and amicable settlement of inter ward disputes.

  7. Promote social resistance over violence against women, terrorism, all types of crimes and cooperate with administration for maintenance of law and order.

  8. Up-to-date registration of birth, death and marriages based on report received from Gram Parishad.

  9. Assist Upazilla parishad in the preparation of inter ward agricultural and fisheries development projects and take necessary action.

  10. Cooperate with and advise all agencies within the Union having credit programmes and help rural poor to participate in the same.

  11. Increase awareness for women and child development and take concrete actions where necessary.

  12. Encourage people to undertake cottageindustries withgood potentials nd facilitate the involvement of disadvantaged and poor people in various income generating activities.