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About LGD Medium-Term Strategic Objectives and Key Activities

Medium-Term Strategic Objectives:

Medium -Term Strategic Objectives and Key Activities:

Medium Term Strategic Objectives

Key Activities



1. Strengthening governance at the local level


• Imparting training to elected public

representatives and related officers and staff

• Research on local government matters

• National Institute of Local

Government (NILG)

• Secretariat

• Providing development assistance to local government institutions

• Secretariat


• Construction of Union Parishad complexes

• Construction of Upazila Parishad complexes

• Local Government

Engineering Department


2. Developing of rural roads and other

rural infrastructure

• Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of Upazila, union and village roads

• Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of Upazila, union and village bridges/ culverts

• Construction of rural Hats/ Bazars and Growth Centers

• Construction of women corners in the Bazars

• Construction of cyclone/flood shelters



3. Prioritising participation of women in development activities

• Appointment of women labourers for construction and maintenance work



• Training to LCS women members

• Secretariat

4. Providing safe water supply and sanitation facilities to all


• Innovation, research, development and application of sustainable technology

• Development of human resources for the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector

• Test the quality of water at sources and monitor and observe on a regular basis

• Preserve and update the information relating to safe water testing

• Department of primary

health engineering (DPHE)



• Construction of environmentally- friendly toilets e.g. eco-toilet

• Construction of safe water sources and infrastructure

• Setting up of sanitary latrines and creating awareness of their uses

• Create awareness about the supply and use of safe water and of arsenic issues


• Dhaka WASA

• Chittagong WASA

• Khulna WASA

• City Corporations


5. Improving the living standard of

slum dwellers and their environment


• Construct Primary Health Care Centres and maternity facilities for poor mothers and children in cities

• Provide primary health care services to poor mothers and children and pregnant women in cities

• Provide basic infrastructure assistance to slum dwellers and homeless people in urban areas

• Setting up safe water sources and sanitary latrines in slums

• Adopt and implement environmentally- friendly

sanitation activities in slum areas

• Provide training to improve the living standards of slum dwellers and distribute micro credits to create self -employment

• Secretariat

• Dhaka WASA

• Chittagong WASA

• Khulna WASA

• City Corporations


• Awareness building to inform slum dwellers about healthy living

• Provide free medical services and vaccines



6. Ensuring compulsory registrations of



• Imparting training to people engaged in birth registration work

• Conduct publicity to increase public awareness

• Collect information about births and registrations

• Secretariat


7. Efficient solid waste



• Collect and remove household organic and non- organic waste

• Encourage and involve people in matters relating to household waste management

• Construction of new sanitary land fills

• Collect and manage hospital waste

• City Corporations


8. Adopting appropriate expansion and equitable distribution policy of small scale water resources for the poor

• Canal digging/re-digging for water discharge and irrigation

• Construct of rubber dams for the preservation of water

• Construct/maintenance of regulators, cross dams and dams for flood management



9. Ensuring planned urbanisation


• Construct, rehabilitate and maintain city roads, footpaths, street lights, bus/truck terminals,

parking slots and other infrastructure

• Construct/rehabilitate and maintain drains

• Construct and maintain community sanitary latrines

• Construct and maintain community centres in city areas

• Construct wholesale and retail markets in city areas


• City Corporations