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About LGD Mission and Major Fuctions:

Mission and Major Functions:

 1.0 Mission Statement and Major Functions

1.1 Mission:

Improving the standard of living of the people by strengthening local government systems and institutions and implement activities for social, economic and infrastructure development.

 1.2 Major Functions:

a)  Manage all matters relating to local government and local government institutions

b) Finance, control and inspect local government institutions established for the running of local government and local administration

c)  Manage all matters relating to drinking water

d)  Develop water supply, sanitation and sewerage facilities in rural and urban areas

e)  Construct, maintain and manage Upazila, union and village roads including the roads of towns and municipal areas and bridges/ culverts

f)  Manage matters relating to village police

g) Develop, maintain and manage growth centres and hats-bazaars connected via Upazila, union and village roads

h) Develop, maintain and manage small scale water resource infrastructures within the limit determined by the government